Daniel Oxenhandler

Captured on Logitech Webcam

I made my first computer in grade school from slips of paper in paper cups. I wrote out by hand all the possible solutions to tic tac toe and thus created a primitive game-playing machine.

In high school I graduated to the Honeywell mainframe at Dartmouth’s Kiewitt computer center. I “borrowed” my professor father’s account, and went to town writing programs in Basic – primitive text-based games and spirographic computer art generation. There was also a cool new computer with advanced graphics capabilities, a DEC PDP-9 with a 1000×1000 pixel monochrome display!

Of course the main attraction of the PDP-9 was that it played Space War, which my friends and I did for hours on end. We also got hold of the source code, and programmed mods like tweaked gravity, endless ammo and fuel, not to mention programming secret toggle switches to disable our opponents, unbeknownst to them. Ah, what fun!

After high school I put my technical pursuits on hold, and worked on my right brain for a while. I received my bachelor’s degree in English Literature at SUNY Purchase, and headed off for the West Coast.

My arrival in San Francisco coincided roughly with the Microcomputer boom. I was working at Levi Strauss & Co. in the Production Pattern Department. I volunteered to help the incumbent LAN Administrator connect all the CAD machines together. This was an early Netware file server and a Token Ring LAN. That proved to be the beginning of my career in Systems and Networking.

Fast forward 20+ years and I still find childlike pleasure in the magic of networking, automation, connecting things together and making them work. I’m currently employed as a Senior Operations Engineer at Carrier IQ, Inc. In addition to supporting all the network infrastructure at our data center, I’ve been working on our Hadoop based analytics platform, as well as supporting our web applications. I feel privileged to work with such a great team and in such an interesting industry.